Friday, November 22, 2019

The Archaeology of Dealey Plaza

In 1991. I was in Dallas, at the plaza, and a few city workers were fixing some sprinklers and generel landscape maint.

I found my scribbled notes from then:

I ask one of the workers: "... Have you ever found anything interesting in the ground when you have been working and digging around the Plaza?..".

I got a laugh from two of the workers.

"...I found four 22 shells and five bullets all scattered around here over the years..". He motioned with his hands and laughed. 'Tim, here found two 50cal bullets burried in the ground over threre'. He pointed to the north Knoll. "..Jay caught a guy dropping lead fragments around the ground next to the curb. He ask him to leave. Just last week we found three shell casings near the fence.. they were from a 38. Seems people like to plant things here in the plaza.., maybe they want it to grow...". They all laughed and went back to work. I said "Crap", and went to Love Field.

- User "William Plumlee" on The Education Forum, 27 November 2004

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