Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Smells Like...Barbeque"

OK, some of you may have seen this before - an episode of the children's cartoon series Eek the Cat which is closely modeled on one of the greatest non-children's films ever made.

You may not Get This, but if you do not then you may be Dead To Me.

In a similar vein, one day I will be able to show you the episode of Pinky and the Brain called "The Third Mouse"...

Monday, February 11, 2008

When Fiction Was Never Knowingly Under-Sold

The Big Kill

The thing about this cover is that, being for a Spillane novel, it's totally representative of the contents.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We'll Keep The Green Flag Flying Here?

Recently I took the Political Compass test. It plots you on Left-Right, Authoritarian-Libertarian axes depending on your answers to their questions. As a guideline, some famous political figures are plotted out here:

Now, my own views came out like this:


Holy fuck! I think I just pwned Gandhi! Also, I appear to be Bakunin, or someone.

More seriously, that's not too far from what I thought, but there's a good chance that my results have been pushed slightly to the left and slightly down by two factors:

  1. Some of the questions are clearly designed to test Americans, and don't really help in mapping out British folk.
  2. I suspect that I idealized my political beliefs a bit when answering the questions.
The next bit of analysis, plotting the major British political parties, was where things got interesting:

Like most people, I've never really considered the Green Party. This prompted me to check out their policies. While there are parts of their programme that I'm not really bothered about (No nuclear power? Might have to be a bullet we bite, I'm afraid. No medical testing on animals? Do we *have* perfect simulations of people yet?), a fair few of their other ideas do interest me, to the extent that I'm going to have to find out more, at least.

So, long story short, this could be a solution to the problem of wanting to vote for a non-Labour leftist party that isn't some species of Marxist-Leninism.