Friday, September 17, 2004

Oooh, Satire!

I see that the pro-hunting protestors have complained about Police brutaility. It isn't that the Police were being cruel, though - they just wanted to keep the numbers down...

Friday, September 10, 2004

Silly Hat Day

On Wednesday UCL made me wear a very silly hat for the purposes of getting my MA. My real reason for going was to see people I haven't seen in ages. Not everyone was there, what with flimsy excuses like "being in America" or "finishing my dissertation and not graduating 'till next year" being bandied about. I did get to see Trudie and Yvette, though, which was reason enough to go.

Thursday saw me taking the parents to bits of London they haven't seen in a while. When they lived in London, Docklands was somewhere no-one came back alive from. Shiny new buildings are quite a change. I also took them to Bloomsbury, not only to see Aliester Crowley's favourite pub, but also to visit the best second-hand book shop in London: "Judd Books" on Marchmont Street.

Flying home was strange. It was, to use the cliche of our age, "the first time I'd flown since September 11". Maybe that was why I was more nervous on the plane than I've been when I've flown before. Maybe at 23 I'm just feeling more mortal. Either way, we returned safely. Now I have to start getting ready to go to Liverpool.

UCL Graduation, 2004

Myself And Yvette At The Reception: Fear The Combined Power Of Our Mortar-Boards!

Friday, September 03, 2004

The Patron Saint Of Quality Footwear

Today I bring to you:

The Glam Rock Name Generator

My Glam Rock name appaers to be "Jupiter Crayons".